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Brianna & Jack’s Engagement

Congrats to Brianna & Jack on their wedding day yesterday! What a perfect fall weekend for such a special couple!

Maureen & Dave’s Costa Rica Wedding

There’s really nothing to complain about when you get to go down to Costa Rica to work.
Brandon and I were fortunate enough to spend the weekend at a few wonderful resorts near the beautiful city of San Jose for the wedding of Maureen and Dave. Every wedding we photograph is different, has it’s own flavor and reflects the personality of the couple. This wedding was about family (blood or not), health, and relaxation.

It was an intimate setting packed with those closest to the couple, and so for us to be there and to photograph this was truly a privilege. We really appreciated Dave and Maureen putting their trust in us to do this job. And from a personal standpoint, I have to say that I appreciate their taste. Everything was classy, understated and sincere. Maureen and Dave feel like the sort of couple that could take over the world. I mean, it was raining for most of the weekend but they had the power to stop the water for the last two hours of Saturday – right when they needed it! If that’s not power I don’t know what is. We want to thank them for the opportunity to be there and wish them well in their future which I have no doubt they will kick butt in. They’re already kicking butt at life to an inspiring degree.

All that said, there was one disappointment. I had really been hoping to take a run through the jungle and find a monkey. I had enough time to take a quick forest hike, but no monkeys were seen.

Thanks to Asclepios Spa for having us! Click here to see more pictures from the day.